isolation habits

In this strange time that we are all enduring together, I’ve found a great opportunity in creating and forming new habits. Isolation has been a great time for growth in all sorts of ways, but I’ve been having the most fun exploring different ways to convey a message and meaning within lyrics and melodies. I’ve found new inspiration in artists such as Matt Nathanson and Julia Michaels, to be specific. They way they both communicate their meaning in powerful ways through lyrics is something that I will always admire. From specific anecdotes about his life in Northern California, to her utter honesty and raw emotion, both of their work has inspired my recent writing greatly. Some of my favorites songs by Matt Nathanson include “Sky High Honey”, and “Last Days Of Summer In San Francisco”, and by Julia Michael’s “Priest”, “Falling For Boys”, and “Into You”.

I am most excited, however, about the recent songs I’ve been writing and working on, and to share them with you all so soon. Everything changes from day to day in the world we are living in right now, but I can’t wait to listen to my new stories all together.

talk soon, ellie <3

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